5 steps to ditching under eye circles for an important day

1 Jul

Have a special event or photo opp you need to look tip-top for? Get rid of those under eye circles and bags in a few days with these tips.

Quit any drinking or smoking. You should really do this for longer than a few days.

Use benedryl cream under your eyes but be careful not to get it into your eyes! Don’t make this a regular routine though.

Remove your makeup every night. Be sure you get all the eye makeup residue

Get some sleep- without sleep your eyes will be puffy, there’s no way around it.

Take a decongestant such as Claritin-D for 48 hours before you need to look perfect.

10 Ways to get over a Breakup

25 Mar

by Jacqueline Baird
Owner: Stilettos and Cufflinks
High-End Matchmaking

1. Travel with a friend. Explore new scenery away from work and your current routine. This will give you a chance to find your new life.

2. Indulge. Don’t go into debt, but buy a big ticket item you have wanted forever and wouldn’t let yourself buy. Maybe it’s a handbag, or a fancy camera, or braces. Buy something for YOU that will make YOU happy every day. You deserve it.

3. Workout and become the hottest self you can be. Not for him, but for you. Once you are in the best shape of your life you won’t be able to stop smiling. Can’t seem to get yourself to the gym? Make a few appointments with a personal trainer, so that you have to stick to a schedule. Pretty soon the gym will seem normal.

4. Get out like you are single! You may feel awful, but once you do your hair and get your makeup done, the guys at the club will be showering you with attention. Don’t believe me? Buy a hot new dress and try it out!

5. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It seems like a no-brainer, but you don’t actually think all those teary love songs were written by sober people, do you?

6. Get outdoors. If you live somewhere that has nice weather, see the sunshine every day, and go hiking on your days off. Vitamin D is good for you and it’s also good for your mood.

7. Try something new that you have always wanted to do. Maybe it’s skydiving, joining a softball team, training for a marathon or scuba diving. Push yourself and fall in love with something new.

8. Volunteer. Doing something for others will make you forget about your woes. Help the needy, and you will realize just how much you have in your life worth cherishing.

9. Adopt a pet. Rescuing a dog or cat will give you new routines, keep you busy, and give you a loving companion to fill the hole it feels you have been left with. And that love won’t just help for now, you will have it for a long time to come.

10. Find your passion. If you don’t love your job, get a new job! The truth is that you are the only one you can count on to take care of you. Life is too short, find what you want to do with your life and go for it. The rest of your life really does start today.

WHAT’S TURNING HIM OFF- 10 Early Dating Mistakes Women Commonly Make

31 Oct

Originally posted on A Blog for the Girls:

What’s Turning Him Off-                                                                                                         10 Early Dating Mistakes Women Commonly Make:

1. Choosing the wrong guys- You already know you do it, now make a list and figure out what you look for and who you are actually dating. If the lists don’t match, re-evaluate and then STOP GOING OUT WITH THE WRONG MEN.

2. Putting out too quickly- We could get into a very long discussion about this. What most guys I’ve asked have reported is that the girl they think of as a “hook up” and the girl they think of as girlfriend or marriage material are very different (thankfully). Don’t accidentally make yourself the “hook up” and then expect him to look at you differently.

3. Calling/texting too much and acting needy- He wants to pursue you and if you don’t allow him to do so he will likely lose interest. Men like a woman with a life, friends and…

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Los Angeles Elite Matchmaking

28 Oct

We all know that Los Angeles is known for a sea of beautiful models and actresses, and millionaire men who use the city as their playground. A few elite matchmakers have cashed in on matching the two with great success in creating long-term relationships. The truth is that wealthy men don’t have the time to sort through endless Internet profiles or trolling the bars and nightclubs. Hiring a high-end matchmaker to find Mrs. Right is an easy decision for these high net-worth individuals.



The Perfect Bikini for your body type… because itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow and polka dot aren’t for everyone!

12 Jun

Re-posting a great old post that has gotten a lot of attention this time of year. Enjoy! 

New Roman;”>Struggling to find a bathing suit for your figure? Here are some tips from A Blog For the Girls, on how to hide your flaws and flaunt your assets! Because let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t choose an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini!

SMALL CHEST- A halter style bikini top will enhance your chest size, and as I’m sure you have already found, good ole’ Victoria’s Secret has mastered the push-up bikini top. If you have nice legs try a bikini with a print on bottom and a solid color on top. This will draw attention down.
BROAD SHOULDERS- Try a bikini top with wide straps, a balconnette or a v-neck top. But avoid halters which flaunt your shoulders. Draw attention down to your torso with a scoop bottom.
THICK WAIST- Try a one piece with ruching; or a tankini with a long top to cover your mi8ddle. Highlight your other assets with a low cut top or a cheeky bikini bottom. There are even makers that specialize in bathing suits with slimming stomach panels!
LARGE RUMP- Stick to dark solid colors without any design or detail. The more lycra the bottoms contain the better, as this fabric will suck you in. Try a bikini with a print or detail on top to draw focus up. You may need to try to find a plus size bottom to give coverage. And don’t worry about the size, be proud you have junk in your trunk!
NO CURVES- Try a string bikini or a suit with frills. Bandeau tops can also give the illusion of curves as can balconnette tops if you aren’t flat chested. Boy shorts can help create curves on bottom.
CURVY/THICK LEGS- Try a bikini with a print on top and solid color on bottom. This will draw attention to your upper half. Low slung bottoms such as a Hipster will help to minimize your hips by elongating your torso.
SHORT LEGS- Try a high cut bottom to lengthen the appearance of your legs. A vertical stripe print can also help to give you height. And when you aren’t in the water try sandal wedges.

Free Parking Restaurants Los Angeles!

3 Dec

Here in L.A., home of the Valet- free parking of any kind is enough to make a person become a loyal diner! These restaurants all have free lots, validated garages or ample shared parking areas.

1. Frida Mexican Cuisine

750 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 551-1666 

I was so excited to realize this is part of the same small chain I had fallen in love with in Old Town San Diego. Only three restaurants though, so don’t be scared by the word chain. I have been here a few times since 2010.

Awesome drinks, awesome food, awesome service. It’s very much a bar in the sense that half of he seating is at a large illuminated wrap around bar. Not the same authentic ambiance as the restaurant in San Diego, but an upscale Cali vibe just the same. I did come here on a first date a couple years ago and the mariachi was quite loud for conversation, so maybe check out the schedule before coming here.

The ceviche frida and the pork (al Pastor) are two of my very favorite dishes here. I’ll have to come back to try the Pozole!

 2. El Patron

5545 Reseda Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 643-3033 

This place is so close to my work, I can’t believe I haven’t been here in all these years until now!! The fresh chips come with spicy salsa and bean dip. I checked in on yelp to get a free order of taquitos. The $9 skinny margaritas are AMAZING here! There is a $9.99 lunch buffet so I find myself coming here about once a week lately. We are even going to have the work Holiday Party here,

 3. K-ZO

9240 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 202-8890 

What an unbelievable sushi experience. The staff greets you as you enter. It’s a really cute spot inside. There were 3 of us, one had the Prix Fixe, one ordered Omakase ($55-80) and I ordered the crunch roll, blue crab roll and spicy scallop roll. We split a large high end bottle of cold sake. Unlike a lot of sushi joints, this one has a full bar.

All of the fish was perfection. Interesting combos, great cuts and a huge menu. Favorites included the trout, halibut, sea bass (cooked) and spicy scallop roll. The banana fritter dessert is a must-try. Skip the purple sweet potato parfait.

 4. Katsuya

702 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 244-5900 

I have been here a few times, first time was in March. Not as expensive as people make it out to be. Specialty rolls are $15-16 and come with 10 large pieces. The corn roll is good (interesting). I shouldn’t have ordered a rainbow roll because I’m not that big of a California roll fan. But the fresh fish on top was excellent. The Brussel sprouts here were also amazing.

Food was extremely slow to come out the first time I was here, but good the second time. Thankfully it was we lunching ladies and we weren’t in a hurry. Ladies room was not very clean the first time either. All and all though a nice atmosphere, great lunch menu and consistent food.

 5. Green Street Restaurant

146 S Shoppers Ln
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 577-7170 

I have been here twice for lunch. The salads are to die for and so is the zucchini bread. It’s tough to make a salad really stand out as interesting but their dressings do it. Both the Dianne salad and the Spinach salad are a must-try. Champagne by the glass is only $5. Our server was super friendly and attentive.

The patio is great, perfect for lunch on a sunny day right in the shopping walkway area off Colorado. Fun sounding mixed drink and martini selection for evening too.

The restaurant doesn’t validate the garage but it only cost me a couple dollars. There is also a free large public lot next door if you’re there at an off hour or don’t mind waiting for a spot. Or you can always try to find street parking nearby. It’s a fun area to walk around so it’s worth the drive/parking.

 6. Zinque

Wine Bar
600 Venice Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 437-0970 

This place is packed in the evenings. It’s got a sort of understated location and vibe. It’s beer and wine only. Great atmosphere to come grab a drink, just be warned you may have a hard time getting a seat.

 7. Miyako

5001 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 508-0788 

I was in the area and craving sushi so decided to give Miyako a try. I walked in, grabbed a to-go menu and was immediately greeted by a nice server who took my order when I was ready. It was a bit of a wait because I ordered the crispy rice roll (with spicy tuna and topped with avocado) which is hot. It wasn’t really crispy because I didn’t wait for it to cool down it looked so good! This would possibly be my last meal on earth selection it had such perfect flavors! Amazing sauce, perfectly cooked, and the tuna melted in my mouth. Yummmm. Also had the yellowtail roll (hand cut) which was very fresh tasting.

Total bill- $15. What a steal! The menu lists the $25 all-you-can-eat sushi bar dinner without day restrictions, so I think it’s available any time.

 8. On The Thirty

14622 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 788-0330 

This place has been open for a few months.
+ Good salads (the chop is excellent)
– The chop salad is $14 and I believe if you want it with meat it’s $19. A little steep for a gastro pub
+ Flatbread Pizza is very tasty, lots of options
–  I would have ordered a fun variety but took the bartender’s suggestion of the Simple (like a margarita pizza) which wasn’t overly exciting.
+ Nice atmosphere.
– No advertised Happy Hour visible inside once you are seated. We got here closer to 7 so probably wouldn’t have been in time if they have one. But nothing is mentioned on their website either…
+ Very Friendly and Helpful staff
–  No full bar yet (they are working on getting a full liquor license)

I’ll come back for another try once they can serve up fun cocktails.

 9. Mad Bull’s Tavern

14649 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 379-9511 

Came back for the second or third time 8 months later and had an even better experience. The 32 oz mason jar drinks were only $11 (Wednesday special). Check out their website for the daily specials. $12 Thai salad was a hearty portion we split on two plates. Happy Hour flat bread pepperoni pizza was $9 and good size (albeit greasy). The tuna tare tare was tasty, and the chicken sandwich comes with a large mound of fries.  My hard cider was $4 and specialty cocktails were $7 I believe. The cucumber one was to die for. Love it when two people can still get out of a happy hour with good grub for around $30. Score!

When we women hear the word tavern we normally want to run the other direction. Not the case with Mad Bull’s at all. In fact the menu offers salads and all kinds of non-fried options. Also at the top of the cocktail menu there are low cal drinks as well as some fun mixology.

Our bartender Moses (yes that is actually his name) was AWESOME! It’s so refreshing to find someone in the L.A. hospitality industry who actually enjoys his job and is friendly!!

The bar stools aren’t real comfortable but that’s actually smart thinking on their part… if you’ve come for a game you are less likely to stay and hog a table for 3 hrs with no bar stool backs. Lot’s of screens to watch the games here

 10. The Spitting Chicken Cantina

14633 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 377-6777 

I have been here a couple of times. Great happy hour with appetizers and cocktails around $6. Very friendly service. The passion fruit margarita is awesome. As are the lobster balls and the fresh guacamole with chips.

 11. Red Moon Restaurant & Lounge

Hookah Bar
12516 Riverside Dr
Los Angeles, CA 91607
(818) 755-4500 

Let me start that I am sort of bias because my girlfriend works upstairs and therefore these guys treat us like gold, she brings them a lot of business.

I think the Hookah may be expensive, I just come here for food and drinks. The service is friendly and the servers always remember what I like to drink the next time I come back. I really like the food, particularly the salad and chicken.

 12. Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe

5536 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 462-9421 

A hidden jewel. Lucy’s has personality like a dim Mexican restaurant but with style. Really great drinks. Really tasty enchiladas. Salad has great dressing. Really big food portions. And noteworthy chips and salsa. All without a Hollywood price tag. Just don’t forget to bring cash, no credit cards accepted here. And don’t you dare complain when it’s free parking!

 13. Bodega Wine Bar

260 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 793-4300 

Bodega is a little hidden in El Paseo, upstairs by Equinox. I’ve been to the one in Santa Monica but really like this one. It has a good vibe with an outdoor patio and communal tables with bar stools inside. The whole place is open so we were able to get just enough sun. Really wish we had stayed longer it’s a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon or come on a date. We each had a glass of the Torrentes (my favorite wine). This was a REALLY good one. It’s about $9 a glass, but that’s expected at a wine/tapas bar. We had eaten dinner already so I didn’t try the food but will be back. Happy Hour is great here with a selection of $5-7 snacks and $5 glasses of wine. Monday nights HH extends all night so it draws a good little crowd.

As we left I forgot my pashmina. The server came chasing after me outside. Now that’s customer service! Had a great experience at Bodega.

 14. Big Wangs

Sports Bar
5300 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 985-2449 

Holy Dudes there are a lot of Dudes here. I met a guy friend for a drink and place was packed with sports fans. I’ve never seen so many tv’s!!! The menu is more diverse than I would have expected (still on the greasy side) and the ladies room is much cleaner than the Hollywood Big Wangs. Much better layout here too. Good job guys I’ll be back to watch my Ducks Football games this season!

Downside to this place is that the shared parking garage is fairly small and shares with a gym. Took some time for me to park.

 15. Porto’s Bakery

Casual Dining 
315 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996 

It’s pretty rare to find a place that tops the 4 star mark with 3000 yelp reviews. Part of that is because hearty helpings are still only $5-8, unheard of in Los Angeles.

This place is the real deal. Plantain chips, potato balls, fresh breads and pastries, Americanized “Cuban” deli style meals and a great espresso counter. They even do custom cakes upstairs which I have tasted a few times (not cheap). The pineapple custard cake is a must.

The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because it’s claustrophobic on weekends (think Disneyland lines on a holiday weekend). I’d much prefer to pay a couple dollars more for my food to find a table, parking, and avoid 5-10 minutes of a line. I’m sure tons of people will hate me for this but Porto’s it’s time to raise your deli prices on sandwiches, soups and salads.

Also, when my salad was brought out with steak instead of chicken we asked the person who delivered it a question and she could not understand me. She brought out the correct salad and said she’d send someone to answer our question. Never happened.

HINT- Order at the to-go counter (even if you’re eating there). That’s assuming you can find the to-go counter.

 16. Yard House

Bar & Restaurant
330 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 577-9273 

They must have like 50 beers on tap. Yard House has a good setup, particularly this location. There’s a huge wraparound bar, tables and booths surrounding that, and a separate patio for people that just want to come for dinner away from the bar area. The food is similar to a Cheesecake Factory or BJ’s.

Good Happy Hour specials on food and drinks. So a lot of 20’s and 30’s frequent, and there seems to be good amount of people during the week. For a bar that is a chain this one is at the top of my list.

 17. Red Lion Tavern

2366 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 662-5337 

I came here during the day on Christmas Eve with a friend who is from Berlin. It was a fun and fairly authentic experience. While the place is rough around the edges and not big on presentation, the sausages are well seasoned and the portions are plentiful served with mashed potatoes & gravy and sauerkraut (I substituted purple cabbage).

Sit upstairs in the Biergarten (a covered patio). While you do feel like you’ve been transported to another land, the faded flags and dusty silk plants take away from that experience. Red Lion needs a face lift badly to restore some youth, it’s just not the type of place you would want to bring a date. Bottom line, it’s a Tavern. I might come back for the food, but not often.

HappIER Hour Los Angeles- Great Reverse Happy Hours

13 Jun

The hottest new craze is Reverse Happy Hour. What better way to grab drinks with the girls (or guys) than with cheap food and specials!

Here are 14 Late Night Happy Hours in the L.A. Area that I have visited.

 1. The Village

12345 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 752-9222 

Neighborhood: Studio City

We had a great time here. I got off work on a Saturday night and met a girlfriend for drinks after. I came here a couple weeks ago for a yelp elite event and was able to sample the food and cocktails. This time I liked the drinks I ordered were much better. Delish! Tons of people in here, we were lucky to snag a table. I like the atmosphere.

The Blacklisted Basil is pretty good. You have to like sour though, it’s got a lot of lemon. The Scotty Boy is really really good. Only complaint is that it’s a champagne cocktail which means you get about a 3 ounce drink for $13. The $12 Cool Clemens is also really good, probably my favorite drink off of the menu. It was weird that we both ordered the drink at different times and one came out with tons of muddled cucumber and was sweet. Mine on the other hand must have been strained because there was zero cucumber pulp. It was also less sweet which was fine by me. Clearly different bartenders.

The Meatballs here are moist and flavorful. Chopped salad is awesome. The potatoes bravos (thick cut fries) are SO good and worth the $5 price tag. The Short ribs are nothing short of perfection, served over polenta. And the Aglio Olio pizza has great garlic flavor- Wow, they really know how to do crust.

For dessert, the Butterscotch Budino is to die for as well. A perfect medley of sweet and salty. Pass on their churros.

 2. Chaya Brasserie

8741 Alden Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 859-8833 

Neighborhood: Mid-City

I’m so bummed after reading other reviews that we didn’t have room for dessert! This place has a wonderful menu. The beet with goat cheese salad and balsamic was one of the best I have had anywhere. 3 kinds of beets including golden. The lobster and crab ravioli with pesto was really a good combination, lots of flavor but slightly salty. The pesto risotto was delish. I tasted the seabass and wasn’t impressed, but did like the crusted albacore tuna. The fresh warm french bread they brought to the table was so good that the four of us went through two big loaves (I only managed to snag two pieces).

The bar scene was hoppin, small bar, but hoppin. Nice atmosphere. Glad I suggested the place, all four in my group liked their meal. I’ve seen menus of this caliber at much higher prices. Can’t wait to come back and try the dessert soon!

 3. Congregation Ale House

300 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 403-2337 

It’s a pub or “public house.” Here you order at a counter and the drinks/food are brought to you. There are a lot of community tables, and the prices are low. No waiter service to add to your order, and sometimes the counter line gets a little long, but it’s still a good deal. I have now been here a handful of times and had a great experience each time. While other places along Colorado are anxious to close their doors at least 30 minutes before their listed closing time, Congregation both welcomes you with a smile, and keeps it’s doors open well until closing.

I really enjoyed the flatbread. The burger was nothing special. But for a cider and flatbread mine came to only $12; score! The atmosphere is cool too, great juke box with quarter plays and the place looks like a chapel, while I don’t know about making the whole place a worship for beer, lol! I liked the vibe. Crowd is mixed, a lot of younger 20’s but some other. Open late and a super cheap happy hour including $3 late night on fries and pretzels with your choice of dipping sauces. Plus they have a full bar here so  if you aren’t into the large tap beer selection there’s always booze.

Oh, they have a parking lot that is FREE!

 4. Mexicali Cocina Cantina

12161 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 985-1744 

Much better experience this time around. Came 6 months ago and had a really bad margarita. This time I ordered the Watermelon Spa which is a strong cocktail with tequila, watermelon juice, muddled cucumber, sprite, orange liqueur, lime and basil infused simple.  Great spot for Happy Hour with good specials and you can sit anywhere in the restaurant to order them. There’s a second happy hour after 11p.m. and the place is open until 2 in the morning (kitchen until 1:00).

The Slim Margarita is fantastic (though I don’t think it’s on the Happy Hour menu). They also mix in “Nontraditional Mexican” ingredients like goat cheese in some of their dishes. I like it when places branch out a little. The service is always great, very attentive.

The chips were fresh and delish but the salsa was a little bland.

 5. Lola’s

945 N Fairfax Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-5652 

A group of 6 (1 vegetarian) all coming from different locations. Where was I going to take everyone in the We-Ho area where we could talk, have good cocktails, food and atmosphere but not spend a fortune??? I stumbled upon Lola’s Martini Bar and I had my answer.

They claim to have originated the apple martini here and it was a good one made with Absolut. The martini list goes on and on and on… something for everyone! Try the Pulp Fiction it is absolutely awesome!

Great spot, though a little quiet around dinnertime on the weekend. Interesting menu, didn’t care much for the bruschetta. All in all a versatile martini bar with atmosphere and good food.

 6. Lucy’s 51

10149 Riverside Dr
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 763-5200 

I have been here a good amount of times now. Atmosphere is an interesting fusion of sports bar/ swanky lounge/ singles bar. It’s a little pricey if comparing to Sports Bar nosh but there are some good mixed drinks particularly for $6 happy hour specials. Appetizers are cheap for Happy Hour too. There are even some parking spaces in back if you can nab one.

Lucys is a good place to watch a game if you aren’t so into dive bars and greasy food. Not much of anything on tap though. Not my fav singles scene late night but a decent date spot. Monday night had live music, not bad.

 7. Stir

13359 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 986-2000 

Neighborhood: Studio City

This is sort of a Sports Bar but with better food options. Three of us were meeting there to discuss business during Happy Hour. I really liked the little lounge seating corner that they blocked off for us. It was quieter and more private. The service was also very attentive.

The empanadas are really tasty and the cucumber cocktail on the specials was so good that we all three ordered one. The caprese is a huge portion with a ton of mozzarella. Could have used a little S&P.

Prices for happy hour aren’t exceptional, about 30% including 30% off drinks. Apparently our server was confused as she told us the specialty cocktails were also on Happy Hour (they aren’t normally I guess) but when we got the bill they had to make an exception to correct it for us.

 8. Cafe Del Rey

4451 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 823-6395 

Unlike the other overpriced joints on the Marina, this one is actually worth the price tag. I’d made a reservation because of the holiday boat parade and didn’t honestly have high expectations (having been to most every other restaurant on the Marina in the past). While the restaurant view of the parade isn’t so great the food sure was! We started with the short rib pizza, a must try! The blackberry mojito is well made. For dinner I had the salmon which they subbed wild mushrooms instead of the eggplant. The flavors were so out of the ordinary. And my date had the lobster pasta special. It was rich and lots of flavor.

The service was super friendly, attentive and competent.

The final touch was when we left to our car. The valet had left fresh macaroons in a little white box by the center console. We were thrilled and gobbled them all up!

 9. Casa Vega

13301 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 788-4868 

Neighborhood: Studio City

I walked in and realized I’ve been here a couple times before. The inside is better than the outside, let’s put it that way. This is a busy late night spot with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is yummy, salsa is on the spicy side. Service is really friendly, and it’s a bar where the bartenders actually have personality, image in that! They speak to you like you are a person, and not just someone with a dollar sign on your forehead.

 10. Magnolia

6266 1/2 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-0660 

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Great vibe. Happy Hour menu is great. Regular menu portions are good size and they have a good wine selection. I loved the White Bordeaux wine (similar to a Pinot Grigio) at about $10-11 a glass (not on the happy hour menu). Was fairly empty on a Friday in the lounge which was great to catch up with a friend. I hear dinner is excellent here as well. I had to leave early.

 11. Big Wangs

5300 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 985-2449 

Holy Dudes there are a lot of Dudes here. I met a guy friend for a drink and place was packed with sports fans. I’ve never seen so many tv’s!!! The menu is more diverse than I would have expected (still on the greasy side) and the ladies room is much cleaner than the Hollywood Big Wangs. Much better layout here too. Good job Big Wangs, I’ll be back to watch my Ducks Football games this season!

Downside to this place is that the parking garage is fairly small and shares with a gym. Took some time to find a spot.

 12. Yard House

330 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 577-9273 

They must have like 50 beers on tap. Yard House has a good setup, particularly this location. There’s a huge wraparound bar, tables and booths surrounding that, and a separate patio for people that just want to come for dinner away from the bar area. The food is similar to a Cheesecake Factory or BJ’s.

Good Happy Hour specials on food and drinks. So a lot of 20’s and 30’s frequent, and there seems to be good amount of people during the week. For a bar that is a chain this one is at the top of my list.

 13. Cabo Cantina

30 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
(310) 306-2500 

I have been here twice to watch football. There are great seating areas including a sort of separate little mezzanine with a closeup of the big screens, perfect for a group. Also good patio seating. $5 parking lot or there are meters if you can find one.

But it was hotter than hell in here. Someone get this place some a/c stat! Oh and don’t expect much ambiance, this isn’t one of those places. It’s a cantina. But it does have a late-night HH!

 14. The Hudson

1114 N Crescent Heights Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-6686 

I came here a couple of times and I really didn’t care for the building structure and therefore the “feel” of this place itself. Apparently it used to be a train station which makes sense but unfortunately they don’t visibly reflect that heritage anywhere, even on their website. So if you don’t know it was a train station it just sort of seems like a low ceiling bungalow with no a/c or heat.

Neither time had a memorable experience so I’m guessing they draw a crowd because of their location. There are just so many “wow” restaurants, bars and lounges in this neighborhood that I certainly wasn’t impressed. But they do have a late-night HH if you are looking for one in We-Ho.


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